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Register a Team for the New Jersey Tournament

We need a bit more information about each of the teams that will be participating in the New Jersey DI Tournament. Please use the links below to provide the information we need. We ask that each team begins filling out the form as soon as possible. To start, all you need is your team number and the team manager's contact information. Use the first link below to start filling out a team registration form. The second link can be used to return later and add or change information on the form.

The deadline for team registration is January 20, 2017, but it would help us a lot if you would put in as much information as you have as soon as possible. We will use the team manager contact information to provide important information through the tournament season. We use this information to plan the tournament and we want to insure that your team has the best possible tournament experience.

If you have any problems with the form, feel free to e-mail us at registration@njdi.org for help.

Begin a Team Registration -- START HERE if you have NOT yet registered your team(s)!

Update a Team Registration -- use this link to UPDATE any team(s) that is/are already registered!

Please note that we use the information you provide only for our tournament preparation. Team identifying information (e.g., team/membership/school name) is used to report tournament results on this site. Some information, including manager contact information, is shared with Destination Imagination, Inc., for teams that qualify for the Global Finals tournament.